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Council of Naturopathy and Yoga is registered with Govt. of India and also Registered in Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. Of India. vide UAN No. U85300UP2020NPL129222 Council of Naturopathy and Yoga Education is registered in NITI Ayog (Govt. of India) with Unique id- UP/2020/0249251

The main objective of the organization is to impart education & research in yoga and naturopathy. Over institution offers the modern and advanced courses in various disciplines along with traditional values oriented courses. We are provides undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, master programs and membership continuing education programmes for the students who want to achieve their higher calling and divine of life.
Welfare and development program of education for minorities and backward classes. Contribute towards empowerment of the disadvantage people of the community so that they can become self –reliant. Council of Naturopathy & Yoga provide Standard Institutation Programs through distance learning in differnt medical Educational Courses leading to the award of Diploma, bachelor and post graduate certificates etc.

Naturopathy & Yoga has accredit by Indian Govt. Under Society Act .

(Dr. Rashida Parveen)

Chairman’s Message

1st Century learning is not just about learning knowledge but how to construct it and apply it to life.I am glad to see my Architecture College students construct and apply all they learn in the co-curricular and extra-curricular act vii es they participate.

I believe that my Students and Faculty are like the missiles, and can sky rocket their aspiratons, materialize them and become global citi end. It is always a maatt of pride to extend support to an enthusiasticteam of students and faculty members who are focused to collaborate for the betterment t of this college. Wishing you all a grand success in all your future assignments. Great Going.

(Dr. M. Tarooque)

Director Academic Message

"Education is potential of to provide position caatalyti impulses to every CHILD to stretch his inte4rent learning competencies through a self dicovery process.” Educationis a complete process that leads to the aattainm of the full potentialof the child. Our endeavor is to equip our students with life-skills to face the real world - be it planning, organizing, deciding, questoning, reasoning, analyzing, team-building, communicating effectively or dealing with challanges confidently.